Firsts: Thanksgiving Feast!

So this comes with a stipulation… I have made a full Thanksgiving dinner on my own before. But it was last Thanksgiving, and it was just for me and my boyfriend. Needless to say, he’s my guinea pig for almost every homemade meal. I wanted it to be fantastic, but I knew that he’d say it was good no matter what. For that particular feast, my time management was much better. Matt does not usually get home from work until after 8 P.M. so I literally had ALL DAY to prepare. Even if he would have been home early, he would have waited.

So this year I decided to very last minute tackle a Thanksgiving Feast …. for 8 people. Sometimes I get carried away, and I don’t realize until I’ve already invited everyone in my phone book that I converse with on at least a weekly basis, OH CRAP – IT’S 11:30 AM – I WILL HAVE GUESTS OVER IN T-MINUS 7 HOURS AND I HAVE NOT BOUGHT ANYTHING TO PREPARE THIS MEAL.

That’s right. I waited until the morning of to purchase all food expenses. Including the turkey. EPIC FAIL… do not try this at home.

Fortunately, my mother is the most amazing cook I know, and she has passed on several of her abilities to me. I can toss in some spices without accurate measurements, and somehow it still turns out okay. Watching her cook homemade meals every night of the week was a big treasure that not a lot get to find. I feel very lucky! So shout out – thanks, Mom!

Quick break down of how the day went:

11:30 A.M. Go to Kroger, buy all necessary ingredients that I don’t already have.
12:30 P.M. Go to Matt’s apartment, and very quickly run all groceries up 3 flights of stairs, unload, and pull out EVERY pot and pan in his kitchen.
1:00 P.M. I had gotten my pumpkin pie mix all made, and threw that in the oven first (I do this one first, because you usually have to let this refridgerate over night. I was working with 6 hours – so sue me.)
3:oo P.M. Finally got the turkey in the oven. A 16 lb. bird. This equates to at least 5 1/2 hours of cook time. Not okay!

So do the math… my bird was not ready until almost 9 P.M. I luckily have some pretty amazing friends who were content to converse and drink while I frantically got everything prepared. It all turned out AMAZING, despite my serious lack of time management in this scenario.

SO… LESSON LEARNED: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT under prepare your Thanksgiving prep-time! I will forever start my meal making the night before!

Only pre-feasting picture I got! Dericious Cherry Pie.