Firsts: How-To Napkin Pillow Cases

So to say that I had a difficult time with this undertaking, is an UNDERSTATEMENT. While the project itself it not at all difficult, my wonderful sewing machine and I were getting into several throw-downs last night… Good thing I have a “Heavy Duty” Singer… not sure that a “Light Duty” would have made it out alive!

Regardless! Here is the step-by-step process, and how simple it is to change out your throw pillows! (And CHEAP!)

1) Start by purchasing cloth napkins. I bought mine at Target, and they were $8.00 for a 4-pack.

Napkins from Target - $8

2) You are going to use 3 napkins. 1 napkin stays normal size, cut the other 2 napkins about 2/3 size. I measured the full length of the napkin (18 inches) and then started cutting at 12 inches. Make sure your sewing machine is all set up and ready to go!

The sewing machine of DOOM!!

3) Lay the napkins with the patterned sides facing each other. I put the largest piece on the bottom, and then lined up my 2/3 pieces on top.

Put the seamed sides on the inside, that way you don't have to sew an extra seam later!

4) Pin all around the edges. You don’t have to leave a corner open, because by cutting the two 2/3 sized pieces, you are creating a pocket opening in the back (just like a slip cover… wowza!)

make sure your pins are facing the right direction!

5) Then sew! Sew around all edges of the pillow case. Make sure you stop and close your thread around each corner. Depending on the fabric of your cloth napkins, some turn easier than others…

6) When you are done sewing, here comes the fun part… turn your pillow case inside out!

Ready for a pillow!

Not the intended pillow, but it works for the sake of the example 🙂

back of pillow

And, Voila!!

Once I figured out what was happening with my sewing machine… this project is a piece of cake! A great way to add a pop of color to your living room, without shelling out $20+ on new throw pillows! I’m making lots of slip covers, because my design personality likes to change things up often 🙂

Final product with both of my new pillow case slip covers:

If at FIRST you don’t succeed, attempt sewing projects, like Jenna.