Business Casual … Or Night at The Roxbury?

Recently, my mom has been “trying on” different jobs. The latest was working in a doctor’s office at the front desk. Immediately she felt out of place, as the Office Manager was no older than my younger sister (who is 23), and had zero college education. There was one other woman who was close to my mom’s age, but the other girls were all in their early – mid 20s.

Among other things, what my mom and I discussed most about this experience, was the unimaginable lack of knowledge on how to DRESS PROFESSIONALLY. I consider myself lucky (yes I said it – LUCKY) to have been in a sorority in college. We had to dress a certain way based on the occasion, and we learned very quickly what was and what was not appropriate to wear. I am completely blown away at how young woman dress in the work place.

Being a teacher, I can get away with much more casual business attire. But if you work in an office, you MUST learn to present yourself in a professional way. If you don’t look professional, people will not treat you professional. FACT OF LIFE. I’m not here to judge, but to help… so here are a few outfits that I think are completely business attire appropriate, while still maintaining a youthful mid-20s fashionista flair:

This comes from - this is my absolute favorite GO-TO site for incredibly cute work attire.

This comes from ... Now we can't all afford to shop at J.Crew, even though we want to, but you can find amazing knock offs at places like Target and Marshalls. -- absolute favorite website in the world! This is trendy, adorable, and still appropriate for the workplace!

I hope that these ideas inspire you to reassess your work place wardrobe… Something I always tell my students: “There is a time and a place, and this is neither the time nor place.” Keep the workplace conservative (yet cute!) and save the spike heels and mini skirts for the weekends.

If at FIRST you don’t succeed – get ideas from Jenna 🙂