FIRSTS: My first blog post!

I have learned a lot in my measly 25 years of life. I have been through many situations that I feel warrant some sort of advice to someone out there… So to keep the story short: this blog will consist of many things.

  1. Life Advice from Jenna. Yes, life advice. I have graduated from college, gotten engaged, moved in with a boy, post-poned a wedding, cancelled a wedding, moved out on my own, bought a dog, kept a steady job, struggled financially, struggled with figuring out WHO AM I?, attempted work-out trends, learned how to cook for 1, dated, shopped, and am still alive and kicking! I want to share my stories, my failures, and my successes – I know I’m not the only one out there 🙂
  2. Budgeting Help. Who am I to give financial advice? If you ask anyone in my family, I am the absolute LAST person they would ask. But in my financial failures, I have also had a lot of successes. I have learned how to maintain a budget to coincide with a monthly paycheck, I have learned how to start (and continue) a savings account, and I have learned – and am still learning! – that long-term goals are much better than fast fixes when it comes to money 🙂
  3. House Hold Handy Tricks & Tips. I am a Theatre teacher… with that, comes a lot of right-brained creativity. With that comes uncanny knowledge of power tools, building materials, how to hang a large picture frame correctly, how to fix a toilet, things that you may not think of as useful bits of information.. but trust me, when you’re on your own for the first time ever, and your toilet clogs, and you’re twisting your legs with the hope that you don’t pee yourself until the maintenance man gets there – you’ll wish you knew!
  4. Crafty Home Decor. I love making things. I make presents, I make paintings, I reupholster my furniture with a staple gun… I am a big fan of DIY projects. Every time I try something new – I will document and show you if it works, or not!

And so much more…

Starting out on your own, especially in this day-and-age, is a terrifying feat. But somebody has to do it! So with everything that I have and am learning, I will share what I can 🙂

If at FIRST you don’t succeed – get advice from Jenna!