What’s this all about?!


Is not always the stereotypical frumpy, scarf/long hippie skirt/multiple sweater-wearing, bunhead old lady.

I am 25 (almost 26!). I love wearing heels. I love bright colors. I love putting together unique outfits. I love a great statement necklace. I am short (like, really really short). I love to run. I love to bike. I love my gigantic dogs, and my little cat Duck.

…. and I am a middle school theatre teacher!

I’ve been breaking the mold since the day I was born. I take pride in breaking the stereotypes of the things that I enjoy to do. One of the biggest molds I am cracking, is the way that teachers are “supposed” to dress. What does that even mean anyway? My first year of teaching I started a Fashion Club so that I could impart my knowledge on my darling students. I got so tired of seeing girls dressing much to provocatively when they are in the work place, I decided I would try to start to reach them early on! Just because you are at work doesn’t mean you have to lose out on the trendy styles. Just because I am on my feet 98% of the day doesn’t mean I will not wear a great pair of wedges to school (I keep flats in my desk… shoes come off!). But being at work DOES mean that you need to keep a sense of conservativeness in your attire. And I have found myself a master of dressing conservatively and appropriately, yet still staying current in my trends.

I will use this joyous blog to pass on the things that I learn about where to shop, what to wear, and the outfits that I attempt to pull off! I hope that you learn something, and I hope that you enjoy it!

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