Along with my life, my blog ideas are ever-changing!

I think that I got off track before, because I was very scattered… I had too many ideas, and couldn’t exactly find the best way to “center” all of my ideas. It wasn’t until recently when I discovered what I was really passionate about!

My entire life I have helped my younger sister… whether she wanted it or not. Helped do her hair, makeup, and pick out her outfits. We always joked that when I moved away and went to college that her fashion level fell way below zero! (hehe, love you Er Bear!) When she started her teaching job, she was always conflicted about what to wear. See… we have the “I look like I am 12 even though I’m in my 20’s” syndrom! So imagine teaching middle school (me) or high school (my sister) when you look like your students! Finding outfits to wear that are professional, but still make you feel like you’re “stylish” and not “frumpy” is not an easy task… you can very easily go from “cute professional teacher” to “13 year old tramp” if you aren’t careful! (please excuse the analogy, but uhm, I think teaching for 4 years now warrants me SOME sort of leniency!)

So I have decided to make some CHANGES … and start to center my super fun blog around the outfits I wear, to keep me looking professional, while still remaining the FASHION DIVA OF THE SCHOOL. Even though I am a teacher, and a theatre teacher at that (let the stereotypes roll!!!) I REFUSE to let that inhibit my attire. I wear what I want!

I hope that this can be an inspiration to whomever decides to pay attention…. I love putting together fun outfits. I actually get sad when people other than my kiddos don’t get to see how cute I look 🙂 And the EXTREMELY TRUTHFUL stereotype of a drama queen: I LOVE the spotlight!!

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