Firsts: Spring Cleaning

Something that I dread (and not just in the spring time) is cleaning… To say that I am neat and tidy is a complete understatement!! When I was little, I would get punished because of my “cleaning strategies”. I liked to make piles, and put everything in nice neat piles around my room. I referred to it as “Organized Chaos” – I always knew where everything was!

But now that I am older, and a *coughcough* adult, I had to take a serious approach to dun dun dunnnn SPRING CLEANING. I was actually very excited, and now that my closet has space and extra hangars, and my patio is cute and adorable, I am so thankful that I did this!!

I decided that in order to make my spring cleaning goals realistic and attainable, I would just shoot for 3 things: my closet, my dresser, and my patio. And I’m happy to say – it’s done, it only took 2 days, and it’s CLEAN!!

When it comes to clothes, shoes, and accessories: I am a pack rat. I love my clothes, and I hold on to things FOR.EV.ER. I had items in my closet that haven’t been worn in 6+ years, and I didn’t even know were still in there! Sad.

So here are my tips for purging your closet:

  1. If you haven’t worn it in over a year – you probably won’t wear it again. Get rid of it!
  2. If it doesn’t fit, don’t hold out that you’ll lose or gain the weight and keep it for those occasions. Get rid of it!
  3. If they went out of style, it will probably be a long time until they’re back in style. Unless you’re not scared of making a big crazy statement – Get rid of it!
  4. If you bought it, but never wore it, and it’s still hanging in there with the tags on it… Get rid of it!
  5. If it will look better on someone else (mom, sister, friend) give it to them. and Get rid of it!

I did this. I invited my sister over, and she took 4 big bags FULL of clothes and shoes for herself, her roommate, and the girl she babysits. Awesome! I also had her help me go through all of my stuff and pull “brand name” items that are still somewhat in style, so that I can attempt to sell them at Plato’s Closet. Everything else is going to Goodwill. I get a receipt for a tax write off, and I also have a functional closet again! It’s huge! I forgot how much I loved my big walk-in until everything unnecessary was out and I can see the floor 🙂 So wonderful!


If at first you don’t succeed, do spring cleaning like Jenna!