Firsts: Mod Podge Misconceptions.

So I attempted a Mod Podge crafting project today… and while I am fairly pleased with how it turned out, it was¬†deceivingly¬†difficult to use! If you are a first time Mod Podg-er, I would definitely watch a tutorial first!

Here’s one I just looked up real quick, in case you’re in the crafting market for some mod podge action…

Mod Podge: How-To Video

I attempted scrapbook paper on canvas. I do like the outcome of my project, but it wasn’t easy. I had to do several coats, and the air bubbles were not easy to get out. I definitely needed another tool to help with this. I ended up only doing 2 of my 4 canvases, because I got so frustrated… but that’s just my momentary lack of patience! Needless to say, I will absolutely try using Mod Podge again. But, if you’re thinking of doing a Mod Podge craft project, don’t enter blindly!

My finished project.


If at FIRST you don’t succeed, live & learn like Jenna.