Firsts: T-Shirt Scarves!

So I’ve wanted to try this… and wanted to find the EASIEST possible way to make a t-shirt scarf, without any sewing. And here is what I found! Follow along as I make my FIRST t-shirt scarf! *Special shout-out to Matt who was either taking pictures, or holding the scarf steady for me… :)*

STEP ONE: Pick a shirt! I have TONS of t-shirts I never wear, so I figured it was a good project to tackle!

Domino loves crafting, too!

STEP TWO: Cut the shirt from armpit-to-armpit.

STEP THREE: Cut the bottom seam off of the shirt.

STEP FOUR: Start cutting 1″ strips in the shirt, leaving about 1″ at the top. I’ll explain why later!

STEP FIVE: When you’ve cut strips all the way across, you will start pulling the strips to make the longer!

*What I learned here: Don't cut the strips too thin - or they will break during this step!*

STEP SIX: Then you will bunch it all together, using the extra 1″ that you left at the end…

STEP SEVEN: I cut off the sleeve of another shirt, and used it to tie this together. I found a color that I liked with lime green (teal!) so that the overall scarf would be something I’d actually wear…. duh.

STEP EIGHT: You are done! I added a braid in with some of the strands…

And you’ve just made a t-shirt scarf! 3 cheers!! I have lots of shirts left… this literally took me about 10 minutes when I finally figured out what I was doing 🙂 Happy scarf-making!


If at FIRST you don’t succeed, check out Jenna’s scarf-making tutorials!